This is where we begin.

From Morning to Night

Hosanna-filled shouts from the crowd start the day,
“O Lord, save us.”
The same crowds that witnessed the dead being raised.
Signs and wonders… Read more

A Garden of Words

Was the news scary, you ask? Well, of course it was, and how could it not be? I am a grower of ideas, after all. Long before I had heard of publishing models and three-act structure, long before I could know that books were written instead of gathered from some garden… Read more

Now Found

The noisy celebration at “Aunt Boo’s” was interrupted by the arrival my baby sister. Seven years younger, our life’s trajectories vastly different and our starts in life I suppose vary in both perspectives and experiences… Read more

Sweet Anticipation

The sun is much brighter than it has been these past few months, a promise of more warmth to come. The snow is slowly melting away, watering the soil. I run my fingers down the branch of a shrub and feel… Read more

Psalm 19

Loneliness is not bad until you’re made aware of it.
What’s glory?
The heavens declare God’s pleasure in what He’s made. Do you feel it when you stare
alone, cold on the balcony?… Read more

Two Poems

the image i carry perhaps skewed
by my western mind sees You as
Judge robed sitting high and distant
disgusted looking down with gavel
raised ready to hammer home a ruling… Read more

Love Breaks Through

The dark earth cracked with small specks of ice even though it had not rained in days. In ravines and ruts, where the last rain had pooled, sheets of ice were left shard, like broken mirrors strewn across the Surrey landscape. It was upon these paths I spent my afternoons wandering and praying… Read more

Goodness Still Grows

That spring, I desperately wanted a baby, but I planted tomatoes instead. We were midway through our infertility journey at the time, sorting through our grief over something we’d never actually possessed… Read more


Maybe it’s time.

Maybe it’s time for what seemed dead . . . lifeless . . . dried up
to stretch and reach and thirst for more
to receive more… Read more

Yes, I am a grower of ideas, and this I know: I am changed by my words. 

Ashlyn McKayla Ohm

We gather to grow, to pay attention and tell the world what we observe.

This is a community of female writers who wish to change the world through beauty, truth, and living fully awake.

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