This is where we begin.

Infinity Within

Smoke rises into the night, plumes of flame in the barrel. Stars scattered across the sky; Milky Way bow tie stretched against the black. My friend Jordan and his pipe, sweet scent of tobacco. We scan the dark, silent water, which stretches on and on, shrouded in the back of his family’s home… Read more

When I Fear I Have Lost My Flavor

Sometimes, discouragement knocks hard on your door and it takes everything in you not to invite it in to share a giant piece of chocolate cake. Sometimes, you let it in. And you eat the cake. And the leftover spaghetti… Read more

Hope Among Thwarted Plans

My husband turned the key in the lock. “We’ll live here for ten years at least,” he said as we stepped over the threshold. I smiled. After twelve months of house hunting, we had signed papers on the perfect homeRead more

The Artist

Each blade of grass is a brushstroke on His canvas.
His fauna of diverse beauty of many colours embroidered.
Nature in full swing tells of HimRead more

Rain in the Desert

I call them prayer walks. But are they really? I walk, I meditate, I plan, and I just appreciate. I imagine as I set out from my car that Jesus is walking with me. I invite him and of course, he graciously agrees to come along. And I start out ok. Remembering He is there beside me… Read more

The Faces in the Trees

We walked over to meet her dogs. Our daughter heard them barking, and in response to her insistence, I nestled her in the wagon and we walked down the lane. It wasn’t the first time we’d met a neighbor because of her canine obsession… Read more

Through A Glass Darkly

We have a new mirror in our home. It is beautiful, round and gold-rimmed with some etching of leaves along one side.  The only problem is that it distorts what it reflects; in it I am not seeing myself clearly.  It’s not quite a fun-house level distortion, but untrue just the same… Read more

Grace in the Growing

Flowers must be fashioned from forever. I am a writer, not a gardener, preferring to cultivate sentences rather than seedlings.  So I still cannot understand what compelled me to visit a gardening shop this spring and return with an armful of tiny plants… Read more

Value in Brokenness

As I entered the next exhibit at the museum, I was aghast at the broken pieces on the floor and appalled someone would destroy museum property and walk away.  When I attempted to pick up the broken pieces, I was stopped by the guard who exclaimed, “That’s a priceless artifact, please do not touch”… Read more

In a world of waiting, only humans demand that things spring into being overnight. 

Ashlyn McKayla Ohm

We gather to grow, to pay attention and tell the world what we observe.

This is a community of female writers who wish to change the world through beauty, truth, and living fully awake.

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