This is where we begin.

December Grief

Lights through tears are a living thing moving in place, now blurred, now brilliant, magnified…. Read more

Leaky Vessels

We are all apparently earthenware. Vessels cleverly crafted with care and designed by a loving Potter, a Master of His trade graced especially in the working of clay… Read more

When They Leave

it is a wonder
these small sufferings
whether for months
years… Read more

Tetelestai: “The Masterpiece Is Finished”

It’s there on the closet door. Black and smudgy against the white enamel. An inky fingerprint. Ryan’s fingerprint. I’m deep cleaning Ryan’s room as I always do before the holidays. Vacuuming corners and washing woodwork and walls… Read more

New Year Wide Open

Snow shakes from the tuft of clouds like salt falling from its holder. There’s a freshness in the air that’s breathing quiet, steady. Cold is smooth, like satin on my exposed skin… Read more

After Christmas

your velocity
rises with the drop
in my heart’s barometer… Read more

Wait of Glory

Sovereign Lord,
We wait.

Like Simeon,
we bear the chains of a nation
and world oppressed –
longing for consolation… Read more

Sleeping Beauty

Before the beginning,
I imagine our world
as a tiny diamond
floating in space,
a rock among countless shining others…. Read more

A Feather in Winter

Sister Hildegarde knew
we are all
“feathers on the breath of God,”
and it’s an image I
struggle to live toward…. Read more

What if the cracks I had so desperately tried to hide and patch up with my strength are there to allow hope to shine bright?

Wemi Omotosho

We gather to grow, to pay attention and tell the world what we observe.

This is a community of female writers who wish to change the world through beauty, truth, and living fully awake.

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