by Susanna Makinson

We are a precarious people,
never quite fitting our skin
until the time has passed
to be lithe and fluid within in.

But loss, I believe,
forces us to bloom or wither.

And the pain suddenly,
like thorns at our brow,
awakens us, though we never knew
we were sleeping.




Susanna Makinson grew up on a small fisherman’s island in Southern Florida. Her writing often contains elements of water, sea, and sky. She has experienced both the tragedy of loss and the beauty of redemption. She currently lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband and their six children. She enjoys learning about ethical farming practices, homeschooling her children, sewing, writing, and knitting. She is fueled most often by coffee and the sustaining love of Jesus. Instagram: @little_bluebarn

Published by Sarah F

I'm a simple girl who loves words, God, my family and nature. It is my hope to inspire everyone, whether it's with a smile, encouraging words or just a listening ear.

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