I Wonder

I Wonder
by Bekah Jane Pogue

I wonder, if when God designed the cosmos, did He clap his hands in gleeful delight?

Did he grin as Spirit-dust fell on sweet souls below, making its way into their essence? Shimmering and drawing one another through a familiar connection?

Did he dance as Spirit-dusted sojourners weaved and worked and noticed in others, there’s something familiar about that one. There’s a kindred light, all the while reflecting an infinite galaxy cupped in His palms?

Did these Spirit shimmers cross paths, become brighter and focused? Like flashlights searching until ah! a bright dot connects two beams?

Then another beam and another; Spirit-dust souls playing and peopling and going about their wide-open way, sensing a deep knowing that they are gathering, connecting, holding the Divine design inside, as they reach out to the next light, and together, hold hands and mirror the constellations above.

I wonder.


Bekah Jane Pogue is an author (Choosing REAL, Choosing REAL Devotional, and Praying Your Way Toward Forgiveness) founder of Pasture Experience Retreat, spiritual director-in-training, listener, and design enthusiast. She is most fully alive sitting on her porch listening to people share their hearts. She communicates from a space of intentionally unclimbing the Someone ladder in order that God- not she – is the one glorified. Bekah loves off-road wildflower picking, antiquing, dancing while she bakes, and exploring Nashville with her crew. She loves connecting face-to-face but her blog is where you can find her as well: bekahpogue.com. Instagram: @BekahJanePogue

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I'm a simple girl who loves words, God, my family and nature. It is my hope to inspire everyone, whether it's with a smile, encouraging words or just a listening ear.

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