Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
by Katelyn Jane Dixon

Before the beginning,
I imagine our world
as a tiny diamond
floating in space,
a rock among countless shining others.
Not special, but waiting—
little knowing she was about to be kissed awake.

I imagine You,
in all your solitary splendor.
not needing, but wanting—
leaning forward with a breath of anticipation,
blowing your first Kiss out into the void
the force of which loved our world into being
as she shattered into a million pieces of light.


Katelyn is a writer and photographer living in Seattle, WA. She loves cooking, keeping plants alive, and singing Disney karaoke with her husband. Through her work, she strives to weave her every day experiences of the world with truths that illuminate the paradoxical Kingdom of God.

Instagram: @tenthousandplaces

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I'm a simple girl who loves words, God, my family and nature. It is my hope to inspire everyone, whether it's with a smile, encouraging words or just a listening ear.

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