Walk with Me

Walk with Me
by Allison Brown

Walk with me.
Walk with me and
notice the sound of the ocean waves. Notice the birds dancing in the shore break.
Notice the warmth of the sun that comforts your soul.
Notice children laughing, and loved ones holding hands.
Notice white feathers on the shore reminding you there is a higher vibration to exist.
Walk with me.

Walk with me.
Walk with me and
listen to the sounds.
Listen to your soul.
Listen to your inner knowings.
Listen as I whisper words of love to sustain you every day.
Listen to others.
Listen to their stories.
Listen with your whole body, mind, and soul.
Listen from a place where deep calls to deep.
Walk with me.

Walk with me.
Walk with me and
open your eyes.
Look for the good.
Look for the light in you.
Look for the light in them.
Look with your hand over your heart in awe of my creation.
Look for joy.
Look for glimpses of my love.
Look for me every day.
I am here.
Walk with me.

Walk with me.
Walk with me and
embrace the days your soul will cry.
Embrace the knowing that tears simply are your love pouring out, directly from the windows of
your soul.
Embrace your sorrow.
Embrace your anger.
Embrace all of the unanswered questions.
Embrace seasons of inner turmoil. Embrace the external chaos.
Embrace it all.
Walk with me.

Walk with me.
Walk with me and trust…
trust your heart.
Trust your body.
Trust your mind.
Trust Me.
Trust I am loving you every single day.
Trust you are enough.
Trust I am enough!
And when your soul feels like it is dying,
trust yourself enough to say those words that you have kept locked inside your soul for so long.
“I am not ok.” Say them out loud.
Trust and begin the journey of your return.
Trust I will carry you.
Walk with me.

Walk with me.
Walk with me from heaven to earth and back again into eternity.
Walk with me from your first breath to your last.
Walk with me and know there is a thin veil between these worlds.
Walk with me and find the truth each day at the center of your being.
Walk with me and bring heaven to earth if only for a moment in time.
Walk with me and know all the saints that go before you are singing Emmanuel – God is with
Walk with me…
I see you.
I love you.
I know you.
Come, take my hand and
walk with me…



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Allison Brown is from Kitty Hawk, NC where she lives with her husband and three children. Being a mother is her most important work.  Allison is also the Director of Church Life at Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church.  Allison’s life motto is to “radiate love.” She believes each of us has a unique way of “Being” that is an expression of God that brings love to this world.  Allison is passionate about helping people discover and live out of their truest essence. Allison believes all true transformation begins and ends by learning to listen to your own inner spirit, God within.  Allison is certified in Spiritual Formation as well as  Spiritual Direction through Christian Formation and Direction Ministries in San Diego, CA.  She also received her BA in Psychology from the University of NC at Chapel HIll.  Allison also is a certified StrengthFinders coach through the Gallup Organization. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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I'm a simple girl who loves words, God, my family and nature. It is my hope to inspire everyone, whether it's with a smile, encouraging words or just a listening ear.

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