Two Poems

Two Poems
by Elizabeth Hudgens

justice rendered

the image i carry perhaps skewed
by my western mind sees You as
Judge robed sitting high and distant
disgusted looking down with gavel
raised ready to hammer home a ruling
declaring every way i have fallen short
in rebellious rigor but this vision itself
lands far south of truth Your judgment
is so much more than mere retribution
it is a dearly uttered promise to enter
the story enrobed with flesh in order
to set right what is wrong not wearing
a scowl but beaming delight coming
close to restore what has been lost to
redeem those caught up in slavery with
blood poured out to heal the death due
as Life eternal renders justice kind


ambushed by mercy

we on this path of following
love Incarnate stalking those
hobbling lame and blind
vulnerable to more danger
have been presented with
an opportunity to affect
what is broken
as marauders of mercy
raiding this world
with hope embodied
priests prowling together
a band of wanderers all
looking out for the bruised
the beaten needing to be
ambushed with grace
to be fallen upon swiftly
not to produce loss but instead
mend with great compassion
that restores and points to
redemption’s triumphant gain


Elizabeth Hudgens lives in South Carolina with her husband and 3 mostly grown up kids. She has been writing for several years with the aim of encouraging her friends and family to see the redemptive beauty of Jesus all around them, and has a new found love for attempting to do so through poetry. She longs to live an intentional, embodied, faithful life as a partaker of grace and a participant in the gospel. Connect with her at her blog and Instagram.

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