About Awake Our Hearts

I will awaken the dawn…

Awake Our Hearts is an online literary publication celebrating the gift of creativity, faith, God’s goodness and beauty, and the voice of women.

We exist to arouse our hearts to the dawn of faith, beauty, and the examination of life in new perspectives and curiosity. To awake, or reawaken, our hearts, our faith, our creativity, and our lives.

Much of this life goes unnoticed in the blur of rigorous pace and structure. But life is beautiful and glorious and mundane and messy. We want to help you slow down, savor small and significant moments, and allow your heart room to breathe, to break out of a humdrum rhythm and find its true beat again. We are dreamers inhabiting reality. We exist to wake you up through the power of words to live your life to the full in God, get excited for what He has in store for you, and to celebrate and examine His goodness and beauty in the real and hard things of life, too.

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Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. – Psalm 57:8

Welcome to beauty. Welcome to seeing anew, to paying attention. Welcome to an awakened way of living.

We’re so glad you’re here,



About the Editor: Sarah Freymuth enjoys listening to the heartbeats of the world and conveying them through words. She writes for numerous nonprofit international organizations and publications, including Compassion International and Ruminate, runs a nonprofit student center, and has a strong affinity for dark roast coffee. Sarah is a member of Redbud Writers Guild, a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women who create in community and who influence culture and faith. In the in-between moments, she likes to write narrative and lyrical essays exploring the longings of life and soul at http://www.sarahrennicke.com.

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