We’re looking for writing from women in creative nonfiction and poetry that moves us and cuts deep to the heart of emotion, celebrating the gift of life and faith in all its complex beauty. We prefer a more lyrical and poetic style of prose that expresses the innerworkings of the soul while navigating daily life. Don’t tell us what you’ve learned; take us alongside you on the journey. We want to feel and experience your work, so write from the heart.

No bullet point “lesson” articles or girl-talk chit chat. We want real, gritty, earth-mined gems of experience that are beautifully expressed. We also do not normally publish pieces based on current events unless determined by the editorial team.


Submission Requirements:

Since we are a quarterly publication (published every three months), we try to work ahead as much as possible.



Nonfiction: Maximum 1,500 words, but we prefer shorter pieces. Micro-essays are welcome (under 600 words). The key is vulnerability and exquisite writing.

Poetry: Submit up to three poems. If you are submitting more than one poem, please send them as one attached document with each poem on a separate page.

Please include:

  • Name (as you would like printed)
  • Email address
  • Title(s) (brief descriptions welcome)
  • Short bio (please limit to 100 words. Third person preferred.)
  • Author website (as applicable)
  • Author Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links (as applicable)
  • Author Photo (600 x 600 pixels preferred)

We only accept submissions that have previously been unpublished, unless it comes from your own blog. If you agree to allow Awake Our Hearts to publish your work, we will receive first serial rights and all rights revert back to you upon publication.

Please have your submission in a Word document attachment to your email, and include a headshot and brief bio. Submit to Sarah at:

Please allow up to four weeks for a response. We will respond to all submissions, but it may take time. If you don’t hear back from after this time, please feel free to contact us again.

If you have been published in Awake Our Hearts, please wait a season before you submit again.

Thanks, and we are excited to read your work!

*We reserve the right to edit your piece for grammar and clarity.

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