We Shall Endure

We Shall Endure by Gloria Hsu I don’t know how to deal with this pain so the pain deals with me. By overtaking my body in fits of sobbing that come from somewhere deeper than I can reach myself, a hidden place known only to the pain itself. Only pain itself can tolerate it orContinue reading “We Shall Endure”

New Rhythms

New Rhythms by Sonia Abraham Among the bare winter-worn trees, a flock of starlings lifts from their roosting spot. They loom across the sky like a thin black lace veil. They change directions, forming new shapes with every movement. The flock contracts into a heart, then stretches across the sky in a long, sinewy band,Continue reading “New Rhythms”

Silent Guardians

Silent Guardians by Lucy Allen In the dawn’s gray light of winter, they stand at the edge of the pond. Tall and white, I catch the sight of the hardwoods; now bare. They seem to stretch from heaven to earth, how the scene implores me to stare. As I study this picture of dark andContinue reading “Silent Guardians”

Beautiful Death

Beautiful Death by Bethany Jarmul Leaves floating, falling, resting, returning to dust hedgehogs hibernate, monarchs migrate, crickets croak their last song A bride’s gown blankets rooftops, lace clings to branches, tickles noses, adorns eyelashes Stillness grows like icicles, drop by drop in the silence, much is spoken Breathing pristine frigid air, remembering the bloody birthContinue reading “Beautiful Death”

Shelter and Refuge

Shelter and Refuge by Vina Mogg Almost one century ago my home was built on a post and pier foundation above the sands of the sea. This tiny wooden cottage fitted together from pieces of tongue and groove ship lap has weathered many storms, winds, and rain. Like an ark suspended above the waters, itContinue reading “Shelter and Refuge”


Soul-Stirring by Darcie J. Fuqua Who made me to live this way? My heart outside my chest tears fall as the violinist finishes her solo. Envious not of the soul that does not stir coarse sand sifts through my toes; I embrace the warmth. How do I find focus? In the blur One only needsContinue reading “Soul-Stirring”

The Path Before Us

The Path Before Us by Ashley Marshall This path laid out for each of us is one that is a gift. Planned with love and delicately crafted by the Creator who formed all from the beginning. He knows your past; He walks with you in your present, and in His perfection, lays hands on yourContinue reading “The Path Before Us”

Walk with Me

Walk with Me by Allison Brown Walk with me. Walk with me and notice… notice the sound of the ocean waves. Notice the birds dancing in the shore break. Notice the warmth of the sun that comforts your soul. Notice children laughing, and loved ones holding hands. Notice white feathers on the shore reminding youContinue reading “Walk with Me”

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice by Amy Remer It was a cool September morning.  Dew covered the tips of the grass.  The house was dark and quiet.  Such a calm moment as I opened my eyes.  My husband was still asleep, as were our four children.  I just wanted to stay in that moment forever and notContinue reading “The Ultimate Sacrifice”


Woven by Emily Boulter He  weaves with thread dyed colors you have not yet seen. Colors that fold in and out that frame and trace your journey. Do not think you can undo His work. Tapestries are always two-sided. While you dwell… gazing at the backside ribbed with knots, remember. You only see distortion. TheContinue reading “Woven”