Make A Way In Me

Make A Way In Me by Sarah Freymuth You hear, O LORD, the desire of the  afflicted; You encourage them, and You listen to their cry. -Psalm 10:17 You are faithful, even in the midst of the raging storm. You are the God who calms the seas; surely, You can calm the sea in me.Continue reading “Make A Way In Me”

Message on the Mountain

Message on the Mountain by Ashlyn McKayla Ohm Too trite, too terse, too stale, too small—ideas dangled in the air, yet I could hold none in my hands. I needed something to write, some prose to pin to paper. But again and again, my frantic fumblings ended with empty hands. As always happens, doubt stalkedContinue reading “Message on the Mountain”

Mining the Moments for Joy

Mining the Moments for Joy by Sue Fulmore This morning I noticed the ghostly image, as the sun traced the outline of my window upon the sloped ceiling of my writing room. The edges were indistinct, soft. Last night the sun slanted across our kitchen table, haloing the ordinary bowl of soup and freshly madeContinue reading “Mining the Moments for Joy”

Sweat and Sacred Sunrise

Sweat and Sacred Sunrise by Leslie McLeod When I head out to the gym in the morning, the sky is still dark, the stars fighting for the last word with the approaching dawn. I don’t really like to exercise, but I like the feeling a good workout gives me. So I crawl out of bed,Continue reading “Sweat and Sacred Sunrise”

The Spiritual Practice of Gardening

The Spiritual Practice of Gardening by Jody L. Collins “The seed catalogues are a further promise of warm days to come. I class them as fiction and love to read them. Oh, the beautiful roses and tall spikes of delphinium and the flowering bushes-not to mention the carrots as big as telephone poles and theContinue reading “The Spiritual Practice of Gardening”

Our One True Constant

Our One True Constant by Rochelle Bauer Nineteen years old and ready to take on the world. I was invincible and had the world at my fingertips. I thought I knew all I needed to know to get through life. Oh, how naïve I was. There was so much to come—so much heartache, so manyContinue reading “Our One True Constant”

We Shall Endure

We Shall Endure by Gloria Hsu I don’t know how to deal with this pain so the pain deals with me. By overtaking my body in fits of sobbing that come from somewhere deeper than I can reach myself, a hidden place known only to the pain itself. Only pain itself can tolerate it orContinue reading “We Shall Endure”

New Rhythms

New Rhythms by Sonia Abraham Among the bare winter-worn trees, a flock of starlings lifts from their roosting spot. They loom across the sky like a thin black lace veil. They change directions, forming new shapes with every movement. The flock contracts into a heart, then stretches across the sky in a long, sinewy band,Continue reading “New Rhythms”

Shelter and Refuge

Shelter and Refuge by Vina Mogg Almost one century ago my home was built on a post and pier foundation above the sands of the sea. This tiny wooden cottage fitted together from pieces of tongue and groove ship lap has weathered many storms, winds, and rain. Like an ark suspended above the waters, itContinue reading “Shelter and Refuge”

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice by Amy Remer It was a cool September morning.  Dew covered the tips of the grass.  The house was dark and quiet.  Such a calm moment as I opened my eyes.  My husband was still asleep, as were our four children.  I just wanted to stay in that moment forever and notContinue reading “The Ultimate Sacrifice”