From Morning to Night

From Morning to Night by Becky Gonzalez Hosanna-filled shouts from the crowd start the day, “O Lord, save us.” The same crowds that witnessed the dead being raised. Signs and wonders, palm branches and a donkey colt. Prophecy fulfilled, and glimpses of glory. Then prediction of a crucifixion. “The time has come.” The storm-tossed soulContinue reading “From Morning to Night”

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 by Carolyn Miller Loneliness is not bad until you’re made aware of it. Glory? What’s glory? The heavens declare God’s pleasure in what He’s made. Do you feel it when you stare alone, cold on the balcony? Magnificence pulling your breath out of your chest in cold smearable colors . desires to flyContinue reading “Psalm 19”

Two Poems

Two Poems by Elizabeth Hudgens justice rendered the image i carry perhaps skewed by my western mind sees You as Judge robed sitting high and distant disgusted looking down with gavel raised ready to hammer home a ruling declaring every way i have fallen short in rebellious rigor but this vision itself lands far southContinue reading “Two Poems”

Wondrous Revelation

Wondrous Revelation by Haley Donaldson Colors are a wondrous revelation I am constantly in wonder and awe The wild and extraordinary depths From the smoky peach skies of summer To the icy white glitter of winter The enlightening warm glow of the sun Peeping above the cascading mountains Spewing colors of golden pinks, oranges yellowsContinue reading “Wondrous Revelation”

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf by Prasanta Verma Leaf beautifully curling upward Cupping droplets on its skin I take my finger, wipe the drop. Leave a skirmish behind The red autumn leaf, a heart Turned toward heaven Singing in its death—I wonder, Leaf, how many songs have you sung? * I wrap myself in a coat of leavesContinue reading “Autumn Leaf”


Renewal by Charlotte-Anne Allen A sigh a stirring Cool touch at day’s end Moist whisper speaks From night skies and Hints of rain to come Its indrawn breath Stills the voices Of insects and frogs As the first taste of Nature’s drink descends From my open window I breathe deeply Releasing the day’s work WelcomingContinue reading “Renewal”

A Season to Love

A Season to Love by Jodie McCallie Everything is brown and gray The earth, the trees, the sky It’s the winter of despair It seems to go on without end Until, as if overnight The camelia blooms victoriously A burst of hope in pink and red And another day The Japanese magnolia triumphs Though branchesContinue reading “A Season to Love”