Carry This Shifting

Carry This Shifting by Thelma Nienhuis I carry the shifting in my bones. The shortening days and open windows and the quiet ache to heat the kettle as the sun sets. The faint pulse of seasonal change traces lines along skin and memory, reminding me of what the long winter days hold for my husband:Continue reading “Carry This Shifting”

Barren Land and Plenty

Barren Land and Plenty by Sarah Freymuth Rough scrape of leaves across pavement. Trees blend of barren twigs for branches, burnt orange, red wine, apple yellow. Invisible God manifested in the breeze cool on my face, gliding through my hair. Dome of blue sky arched around the perimeter of land, jet stream the only punctureContinue reading “Barren Land and Plenty”

A Gift to the World

A Gift to the World by Jana MacDonald We timidly walked up to the old church building, a beautiful stone edifice that has ministered on the same street corner downtown for over a century. Years ago, the local soup kitchen purchased the building when the church had dwindled in size. For that reason, it wasContinue reading “A Gift to the World”

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf by Prasanta Verma Leaf beautifully curling upward Cupping droplets on its skin I take my finger, wipe the drop. Leave a skirmish behind The red autumn leaf, a heart Turned toward heaven Singing in its death—I wonder, Leaf, how many songs have you sung? * I wrap myself in a coat of leavesContinue reading “Autumn Leaf”

Writer’s Fall

Writer’s Fall by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt Even as a child I didn’t really understand the excitement about new leaves, buds on trees, the denizens of the nests changing. I wanted everything to stay the same. Skeletons should not creak back to life. The dark sorcery of spring fazed and frightened me. The familiar faces made ofContinue reading “Writer’s Fall”


Elsewhere by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt I am sat just off the bark-strewn path. Legs curled seed-like underneath a spine glowing with the memory of pain. In my mind’s eye I come here often, cheating the seasons. That’s one good thing about having to travel by imagination. Now, when I come, the games teacher in the adjoiningContinue reading “Elsewhere”

Make A Way In Me

Make A Way In Me by Sarah Freymuth You hear, O LORD, the desire of the  afflicted; You encourage them, and You listen to their cry. -Psalm 10:17 You are faithful, even in the midst of the raging storm. You are the God who calms the seas; surely, You can calm the sea in me.Continue reading “Make A Way In Me”


Renewal by Charlotte-Anne Allen A sigh a stirring Cool touch at day’s end Moist whisper speaks From night skies and Hints of rain to come Its indrawn breath Stills the voices Of insects and frogs As the first taste of Nature’s drink descends From my open window I breathe deeply Releasing the day’s work WelcomingContinue reading “Renewal”